Domestic Travel

Scope Domestic Travel
Registration Type and Number Niigata Prefecture Governor Registered Travel Agency No. 2-342
Registration Date 2007/4/24
Registration Expiration April 24, 2022 – April 23, 2027
Name Sado Tourism Association
Representative President Masahiro Honma
Locations Main Office
384-11 Ryotsu, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture 952-0011

Sado Tourism Association Information Center
353 Ryotsu Minato, Sado-shi, Niigata 952-0014
Days of Operation Main Office days of operation: Monday – Friday
Sado Tourism Association Information Center days of operation: Daily
Days of Closure Main Office: Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, New Years Holidays (12/29-1/3)
Sado Tourism Association Information Center: None
Hours of Operation 8:30 – 17:30
Administrator Hours During business hours on the above business days
Travel Service Supervisor Domestic Travel Service Supervisor
Head Office: Suzuki Emi
Sado Tourism Association Information Center: Willoughby Terue
The "Travel Service Supervisor" is in charge of transactions at the sales office that handles your travel. If you have any questions regarding your travel contract, please do not hesitate to contact the indicated Travel Service Supervisor(s).
Travel Policies Take note of the following policies.
Travel Service Fee Schedule
Travel Agent Association Full member of the All Nippon Travel Agents Association (ANTA)